Meet Olive :)

Who doesn't love puppy eyes?
Who doesn’t love puppy eyes?

We’d like to introduce Olive as the newest member of the Rivera household!!! We’ve been talking about getting a dog forever so Felix could have someone to play with. We were *supposed* to wait until Christmas but I started looking early, not thinking we’d get approved so quick or that I’d find what I wanted. Olive was the third puppy we applied for, and we got her approved within 24 hours. She’s a lil bigger than I had imagined (I wanted something closer to 6 weeks but some say that’s too early to be weened) but we also had a tall order to fill as we wanted both a puppy AND a rescue. Plus, who could resist those eyes?!

Olive is a rescue puppy out of South Carolina (not flood related). Her mom is a Boxer/Pitt mix stray (was, she’s been captured) that lived in the woods. She had a litter of 9 under an abandoned dog house. Her father, they think is a Shepherd/Lab mix. I know, I know, I’m going to have my hands *FULL*. We wanted a puppy to be raised with Felix though.

We don’t have Olive just yet but her adoption is set for the weekend of Nov 7-8! We’re super excited 😀

I wanted to give PetFinder a shoutout since that’s where I found her, and if you find and adopt a pet through them, they set you up with an awesome gift package of coupons for PetSmart!!


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