At Least He’s Eating?

One of the few recent times I could get him to sit and eat his lunch without a temper tantrum.

My darling child has recently decided to stop eating. Well not entirely of course but he *used* to eat at perfectly scheduled meal times. You know, like breakfast, lunch and dinner. Yea, not anymore. Cris and I are not really sure what’s going on with him (teeth? growth spurt? everything tastes gross?). I find myself grasping at straws to figure out what will get him to eat or what happened to his appetite. I’m pretty sure this is normal. My kid is great and all but no way did I get the one kid that would be a fantastic eater forever and always.

At least he’s eating. These words were spoken by my father when this ridiculousness began 2 weeks ago. My mom had given him a cookie even though he had refused breakfast. “At least he’s eating” my dad laughed. I scoffed. Grandparents get away with everything. The words have become a central theme when dealing with Felix and his food refusal.

We had taken the 12hr drive to our home state of NY to go apple picking with my family. I had written off his behavior as the result of being in the car for an entire day. “It’ll wear off tomorrow” I remember thinking. It didn’t. It still hasn’t 2 weeks later. Add in a new found demand for independence and you have my current situation. Meal time has become a war zone. He acts like eating is something he definitely wants to do, until he gets to the table, takes one look at his plate and pushes it away. If he’s not immediately released from captivity, a hurricane style tantrum ensues. Tears. Kicks. Screams. The tantrums aren’t just meal related either but that’s a whole ‘nother post.

He does love him some apples though.
He does love him some apples though.

I haven’t completely given up on my kid being a ‘good eater’ but I’ve begun to settle for Apple Oatmeal cookies for breakfast instead of actual oatmeal. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on the living room floor while he watches tv instead of in his booster at the table.  Anything he can carry and eat (mostly apples and bananas) while he plays instead of eating at scheduled meal times. And if I really feel like he hasn’t eaten enough, he gets Shakeology in his sippy cup in the afternoon.

At. Least. He’s. Eating.


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